Ever heard of an opera singer embracing Islam?


Assalamualaikum guys! So i’m going to be working with a lovely sister who does excellent work sharing revert stories in the hopes that it will help others who are contemplating reverting. She hopes that by sharing these stories through YouTube videos, it will help others. Check out the website for more information overcome.tv

So please share these with family and friends! I will be posting them regularly on here and on my Twitter page Sunnah Care Hijama (@_islamicFeeds) so do have a look on there too!

Ever heard of an opera singer embracing Islam?

Being away from her family gave Sandra an opportunity to question the religion she had sung for since childhood. And it was through a sincere prayer for guidance that God put her on the path of Islam.

Watch on to see how God guided her and helped her overcome her concerns…


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4 thoughts on “Ever heard of an opera singer embracing Islam?”

  1. Grandios und ergreifendAls etwas ältere Kinogängerin hat mich der Film sicherlich etwas mehr bewegt als manch andere Kinogänger. Die Geschehnisse der damaligen Zeit manchmal vor Augen muss ich andieser Stelle sagen, dass den Vetrtawornlichen ein ganz besonders ergreifender Film gelungen ist. Ich hoffe, dass diesen Film noch viele weitere Menschen sehen werden.


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