Children at the Masjid

I hear people (mainly men) complain about children playing in the masjid and that it is distracting. The kids are being loud and the mothers should just stay at home with them.
I’ve heard announcements on the speaker telling the women, in the other room, to stop the children from playing.
I’ve seen people tell children off for playing at the back of the masjid. They tell them to go home.
But why should they stay at home? They have the right to come to the masjid, just like you.
Maybe you should focus more on your salah and less on the kid whos playing in the other room.
Maybe if you made the masjid more accessible to women and children and provided facilities for the kids to play then they won’t “distract” you in the masjid.
Maybe you should follow the example of the Prophet (saw) who loved that children came to the masjid. His own grandchildren would jump on his back and he would prolong his sujood just to let them play. He would shorten the prayer if he heard a baby cry so that it would be easier for the mothers. He NEVER complained about children being in the masjid.
Maybe you should change how things work in the masjid instead of just preventing women and especially mothers, from coming to the masjid.
And remember that if you don’t build the love for coming to the masjid in your children when they’re young, they will refuse to come when they’re older. Then you will be the one crying that they don’t want to come and pray at the masjid.

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2 thoughts on “Children at the Masjid”

  1. Salamu Aleikum sister.

    We are also faced with the same issue in our Masjid and generally the discussions go nowhere since people on both sides of the argument are not really listening to one another and are too busy defending their respective positions. For me both sides have their merit. On one hand I do understand why families wish to bring their kids to the masjid. It is after all a space that belongs to all of us and children should have a place in the house of Allah ‘aza wajal. I understand that mothers cannot be asked to simply remain at home with the kids so the rest of the community can enjoy their prayers since they too wish to experience communal worship, and rightfully so. However, I also do understand how some (not all of the kids) are completely out of control and do disturb the entire proceedings. I’ve seen my fair share of parents just turn a blind eye to their kids’ antics and refuse to intervene when their little ones are getting out of hand. In my humble opinion, the problem is mostly one of discipline or lack thereof. Children are after all children, they might get bored or simply excited to see other kids. They will talk, run, and play. It is up to us adults however to teach them what behaviours are acceptable in what setting. The masjid is primarily a house of worship, and just like in a classroom or at a restaurant a certain behaviour is and must be expected. Tarbiyah Islamiyah is an important component of parenting that we are often lacking in our community.

    And Allah knows best.

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    1. Walaikumasalam 🙂

      I totally agree with you sis. I know that some children can cause mayhem and disturb everyone but generally I’ve found that mothers keep an eye on their children and they should make sure that kids aren’t causing issues. I think there needs to be a balance but again same as you we’ve found that masjids don’t want to change things. I’m not even a mum yet but trying to take my little brother is hard as he’s always told to stand in one place and stay quiet and so now he doesn’t like to go as he finds that hard to do.
      All we can do is keep trying to get that balance and inshaAllah things will become easier.

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