Ramadan Reflection – Allah knows everything 

Sometimes me and my husband open the translation of the Quran on a random page and reflect on the ayah we come across. Last night we read this ayah;
Unquestionably, to God belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth. Already He knows that upon which you (stand) and (knows) the day when they will be returned to Him and He will inform them of what they have done. And God is Knowing of all things. Quran (24:64)
We discussed how in this ayah, Allah tells us that He knows where we stand. As in He knows what is in our hearts, the basis for our actions and what condition our souls are in. He knows whether we do something out of sincere faith or if theres hypocrisy in our hearts. So we can’t hide anything from Him.
Then Allah says when we will return to Him. Not if, when. So we will with certainty go back to Him. With whatever deeds we did, good or bad. And that Allah will tell us what we did in our lives. Every single thing we did.
He knows what is done sincerely, what we did to show off, what we did publically and what we did in private. For example someone could be diligent in their prayers when they are out in public and always tell people that they must pray on time. But in private they delay or miss their prayers. Even though no one else would know this about them. Allah will know. This person cannot hide it from Allah.
Just like someone in public may not seem practicing but in private they pray all their prayers sincerely and read Quran etc. No one knows this about them but Allah knows.
When we return to Allah, He will then tell us exactly what we did and whether we were sincere or not. Because as Allah says at the end of the ayah, He is knowing of all things.
He knows us better than anyone else in our lives, even better than we know our own selves. We cannot hide anything from Him. Like He says in another ayah, He is closer to us than our jugular vein. So how can we ever possibly imagine that we could hide anything from Him.
So we should take this as a warning and use our time to become better people and to try to be sincere in everything that we do.


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