Supporting your spouse

When people laugh and say that the husband should be at work instead of studying and that it’s wrong that his wife is supporting him financially, don’t see that it’s his love, commitment and determination to build a better future for his wife that made him go to study in the first place. He is building better career prospects so that he is better able to provide for his wife.
And if his wife helps him to achieve this by supporting him so what? Whether it’s financial help or staying up late to help him revise for exams. Sacrifice and hard work is required from both spouses to build a better future and a stronger marriage comes as a result of this.
Yes, it’s the husbands responsibility to provide but he can only do that if he has the opportunities to find a good job with a halal income. Only when both husband and wife work together can a better future be built.
And what everyone forgets is that all our rizq comes from Allah. Our job is to work hard to the best of our abilities but at the same time know that this success comes only from Allah. That we will only get what is already written for us. So yes, we have to do what needs to be done to provide for our family, even if it means going to study, but keeping in mind our rizq is only from Allah.
And lastly, as this decision is made between the husband and the wife, no one else should interfere unless they come to you seeking advice. No one else should be enforcing their opinion on them, if the wife is happy to support the husband in his studies then that is their decision to make.

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Musings of a Muslimah

I'm a physiotherapist and hijama therapist and happily married Alhamdulillah. This blog is me writing what I learn at my classes and what goes on in my head, my way of taking some time out and reflecting and sharing my thoughts on what I see in society.

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