The Biggest Loser

When a husband and wife are constantly bickering with each other, they can never agree on things and they argue all the time, they think its themselves that are losing and they “deserve” to win but ultimately the losers are their children. 

The mum and dad are so busy fighting each other demanding their rights that they don’t give their children the time, care and attention that they deserve. The children are often neglected even though the parents feel that they buy them everything so its enough for the children but it hardly ever is. 

Children need love and quality time with their parents. They need both their parents to spend time with them together. To be happy when the children see them but they often only see them arguing. Children often believe this is what marriage is. Its a person you have to live with but will spend your life arguing with them. We don’t show our children how beautiful marriage is. 

Show them that this person is your biggest supporter and is the one you turn to in times of distress. That its your spouse that is the coolness of our eyes, that we can have fun with them and show them that you appreciate your spouse. Help each other in the home, overlook mistakes and forgive each other.

Yes marriage is hard work and yes you will argue but it shouldn’t be so much that, that’s all our children see right? We need to show our children how beautiful marriage is otherwise they may grow up hating the idea of being “stuck” with someone. Lets learn to resolve our issues in a peaceful manner with our spouses so that our children will not have to suffer the consequences.

And yes, that means leaving your ego out of the problem because that’s one of the main reasons people can’t begin to solve their issues. 


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