So about a week ago I had my first experience with hijama (also known as cupping). I have to say I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. But alhamdulillah it is the best appointment I ever made!
I have several health conditions which means I suffer from chronic back pain which spreads through my legs and shoulders. I was struggling to maintain my day to day activities and standing even long enough to cook the dinner was some of my most difficult tasks. Spending the day going out somewhere that involved walking for long periods was out of the question. And I literally survived off painkillers, having to take several daily. The doctors had reached a point where they had said aside from major spinal surgery there isn’t a lot we can do. Just keep taking your painkillers. So for a long time I just dealt with the pain and continued the best I could. I had thought about hijama several times but was always to nervous to actually go for it. But recently a lovely sister I know became certified to do hijama so I thought okay let’s go for it.
So she came to my house to do the hijama which was a plus as it was much more comfortable than going to have it done somewhere else. She discussed in detail my health conditions so as to provide a good treatment and then we started the hijama. It was actually nothing like I had imagined. I barely felt any pain, it was more of a scratch and I didn’t feel light headed at all. I had the hijama done on my back and feet. Afterwards I was sore due to the hijama for that evening but the next day I barely felt it. She also advised me on sunnah foods to eat to help my health conditions. I have to say it was a really good experience. Alhamdulillah.
But the way I felt after the hijama was just amazing! The only pain I felt in my back since having the hijama is an ache and I generally feel great. I have much more energy to do things and my daily activities are so much easier to do. I can now cook dinner much easier and I even took my cousins to the park and played tag with them! Something I haven’t been able to do in years! I don’t feel so exhausted when my husband comes home from work so I can spend more quality time with him and I am able to do a lot more in my day. It has been a week now since I had it done and I’ve not had to take a single painkiller since. Some of you may be thinking that these things are just “normal” but trust me I had long given up thinking I would ever see a day when I would not have take tablets to be able to get through a day or even be able to spend the day out or play with my cousins. For me these are great accomplishments. But my greatest achievement of all was to be able to pray standing for all my prayers. To be able to make ruku and sujood properly was just amazing! As I now don’t need to take my tablets so often during the day to control my pain I am hoping that this Ramadan will be easier than my last inshaAllah.
This one session of hijama has helped me more than the many appointments I have had with my consultants, physiotherapists and GP. Of course we do need to seek medical help but we shouldn’t rely on this alone. Alhamdulillah I am so glad I tried hijama now I can use this to help with my health conditions rather than relying on drugs and more drastic medical treatments.
Hijama is something that the prophet (saw) told us to do and having now experienced it myself I can truly see why he has told us to have hijama done. There are many hadith which show the great importance of having hijama done. I will share a few with you:
The prophet (saw) said: Indeed the best of remedies is cupping. (Bukhari)
The prophet (saw) said: Indeed in cupping there is a cure. (Muslim)
The prophet (saw) said: Cupping on an empty stomach is best. In it there is a cure and blessing… (Sunan ibn Majah)
I would definitely recommend everyone to have hijama done, whether you have a physical health condition, a mental health condition or you suffer from bad eyesight, poor memory or anything else. Hijama is a cure for all problems. Alhamdulillah.
If you live in London then I would definitely recommend having your hijama done from them, they have a brother to do hijama for any brothers who would like to have it done. The best thing is they travel to your home and I believe they also travel outside of London to clients. 

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  1. Salams MashaAllah great experience.

    InshaAllah if you are able to share this on our Hijama blog that would be great

    Please contact me if you are happy to do this.



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