Am I too skinny?

Being told you’re too skinny is just as soul destroying as being told you’re fat. Trust me.

Although I have now accepted that I’m slightly underweight and will probably remain this way for at least a few more years, due to my fast metabolism, I did at one time feel like there was something wrong with me for being so skinny. Before I got married I was constantly told I’m too skinny, so skinny that my wedding dress won’t look nice on me and that my husband won’t find me attractive. People told me I looked anorexic even though I wasn’t. It made me feel quite insecure about my body, I started to believe what people told me. I know I shouldn’t have but when your constantly told something it does affect you. After I got married it took some time for me to accept that my husband thinks I’m perfectly fine the way I am. Alhamdulillah for my husband, when I told him how I felt he told me that’s ridiculous and made me feel like I’m the prettiest girl in the world (to him anyways). Just like we wouldn’t say to someone you’re so fat your husband won’t think your pretty, we also shouldn’t say it to someone who is skinny. 
I’ve come to realise that no matter what size you are you will always be the wrong size. There’s no winning. So I learnt to accept it and be happy with the size that I am. Yes I know I am slightly underweight but my doctors aren’t concerned so there really is no problem. If people spent less time worrying about other peoples dress size and more time on themselves the world would be a much happier place. I mean how is my dress size going to affect anyone else’s lives? Now I know some people are genuinely concerned but then you need to be tactful in the way you handle the situation. Yes some people need to lose weight for health reasons and yes some people may have an eating disorder causing them to be severely underweight but is saying you’re too fat or you’re so skinny that you look ugly going to help? Instead how about you focus on them and their wellbeing rather than their image? Why do girls become anorexic? Because society says you need to be super skinny to look pretty. Well how about the society focuses on more important things rather than a dress size. Seriously!
And lastly I want to remind myself and anyone out there who’s been told they’re not the “right” dress size that Allah has created you perfectly. You are exactly how Allah intended you to be and and you are perfectly unique and special to Allah, no matter what anyone else says. Allah created every single person differently, right down to our fingerprint so then why would we want to look like someone else? And remember that there is wisdom in why you were created the way you were and it is exactly the way Allah intended you to look. And what could be more perfect than the way Allah wanted you to look?

We have certainly created man in the best of stature. Quran 95:4

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12 thoughts on “Am I too skinny?”

  1. MashAllah thank you for addressing this, I have been told that I am too skinny and ‘to put some meat on my bones’…. This is not okay for someone to feel comfortable to put another sister down wether she ‘looks’ underweight or overweight this should not be our concern and its a sin to hurt others feelings… JazzakAllah kheir sister for this post!

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  2. Masha’allah. Amazingly put. It is so sad you had to hear that. I have faced the same scenario so many times even though I am not underweight! Imagine. It is funny when I get so many comments over my platter. If i eat more, there are those who say “where does all that go” and when I serve myself less there are those who say, “stop dieting, you will vanish one day!” .. haha. I have learnt ignoring now 🙂 alhamdulillah for how we have been made

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  3. Masha’Allah ( ماشاء الله) beautiful article. I agree with you, no matter what we look like, we are not “perfect enough” for the society. But unfortunately we forget that why listen to people? Our Creator has made us the way He wanted and He never makes mistakes, He is Perfect and His work is Perfect Subhana’Allah ( سبحان الله)! So sisters we all have to remember that continuously!

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  4. MashAllah much needed post! I think people need to realise picking and pointing at people is wrong. There is an assumption being skinny means being happy or perfect. The most important thing is being healthy x

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  5. Wow! Sister, I am in the same position as you, I am also underweight quite a bit where people just make comments and assume I’m anarexic, especially my mother. It makes me upset, I feel like no understands how I feel. I’m trying so hard to put on weight even till this day. May Allah bless your marriage, it is so sweet that your husband finds you perfect! You’re perfectly correct how our Lord has created us perfectly! 🙂

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    1. Aw sis I know how u feel. Trust me the best thing to do is ignore it, and be happy with yourself. Allah has created you this way for a reason. It’s more important to be healthy rather than a certain dress size. May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.

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