Story Night Gems – Surah Taha

Last year I attended Story Night by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, we went through Surah Taha to learn and study some of the life of Musa (as) and I came across these gems while looking through my notes, so thought i would share them here. Hope you all benefit from these inshaAllah.

Allah could have given us endless knowledge yet He gave us limited knowledge through the Quran. So how valuable must the knowledge given to us in the Quran be? Everything is so important for us.

Everyone who takes care of us eventually has to stop but Allah never stops taking care of our every need.

We can’t truly comprehend how great Allahs love is. The closest we can see this is through the relationship He made between Himself and the womb of a mother. The child causes the mother pain day by day but she still takes care of its every need. She still loves that child. Allahs love is even greater than that.

Let the Quran and Allahs words be a way of healing against misery.

In surah Taha Allah tells us the story of Musa (as) and in ayah 10 were told that Musa (as) saw a fire in the mountain and left his family in the dessert to go to this fire. We learn so much from this about how a family should be. The husband and wife need to trust and respect each other. They have to have good family support and balanced relationship. We, however, support each other where it serves us but not what won’t benefit us.

Musa (as) was shown a fire in the night as a fire in the night shows you the way an it protects you. In the same way the Quran shows you the way and protects you.

When Musa (as) stood before Allah he was told to take off his shoes. This is normally a sign of informality amd it shows how Allah, who is the greatest of kings, standard is completely different to all other kings

To this day when we take our shoes off to stand before Allah we are continuing the conversation that Musa (as) started.

In surah Taha, ayah 14 Musa (as) is having a direct conversation with Allah. When we meet someone famous we always remember it so we all know that Musa (as) will remember this but Allah tells him that to truly remember Him he must establish the salah. So through this we learn that we can only truly remember Allah through salah.

Establish prayer so you can remember me. Surah Taha, ayah 14.
We learn 3 things:
1. If you’re really praying you will stop getting ill thoughts about Allah
2. Allah will become a dominant discourse in our culture
3. If you want to grow spiritually then pray. You won’t  ever be closer to Allah than in salah.

When we establish salah we will constantly be checking for the hour, when is it fajr etc. In doing this it will create a sense of urgency in us to look for and prepare for the final hour.

Allah doesn’t tell us when the final hour will be so we dont lose motivation in searching and striving towards it.

Allah tells us in Surah Taha, ayah 16 that whoever among us doesn’t give importance to the aakhirah to not let them distract you. Don’t let them create a mountain between you and the aakhirah. Just like Musa (as) climbed the mountain to get to the remembrance of Allah we have to continue to climb mountains and if we follow those people we will also fall off the cliff.

It is Allahs sunnah to calm people down and not to always scare them. It should be balanced with hope and fear.

Allah tells Musa (as) to throw his stick and it becomes a huge, terrifying snake. Then Allah tells him to grab it and says dont be afraid. This is Allah training Musa (as) because he will be faced with a real snake, Firawn, and he must be calm and fearless when standing before him.

The dua that Musa (as) makes shows us that only Allah can make things easy for us no matter what we are trying to do we need to ask Allah to facilitate it for us.

When it comes to asking Allah we should be optimistic and have high hopes. Never be pessimistic.

For us to understand the full message in the Quran we have to read it all and not just parts of it. Otherwise we will only have parts of the message and not the whole picture. We wont be able to properly understand what Allah is telling us.

Allah warns us not to become lazy in remembering him. To do this we need to be moderate. If we over do it then we will burn out and go to the other extreme and not remember Allah at all. We have to maintain a balance.

Allah tells Musa (as) to speak softly and nicely to firawn. From this we learn that even when we engage the enemy and we speak to them about Allah we need to speak nicely. Is this how we speak to each other today? We need to ensure our tone of voice is calm even if the message isnt. Only Allah has the right to be angry.  


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5 thoughts on “Story Night Gems – Surah Taha”

  1. Assalam’Alaikum ( السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته) Masha’Allah ( ماشاء الله) such a beautiful message(s). Jazaka’Allah Khair ( جزاك اللهُ خيراً) so much for sharing. I learned a lot Masha’Allah ( ماشاء الله) and I cannot describe in words that this post has touched me. May Allah (SWT) ( الله سُبْحَانَهُ وتَعَالَى) help you and fulfill your duas. Aameen.

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