People of the Cave

…We turned them on their right and on their left sides…
Quran (18:18)

It doesn’t matter how many times you read a Surah you will always learn something new or reflect on an ayah in a way that you haven’t before. This happened to me as I read Surah Kahf. As I read ayah 18 where it says that while they slept Allah turned them to the right and left, I realised how significant it is. SubhanAllah it is amazing how even an ayah as simple as this on initial reading can teach you something profound and mke you appreciate the Quran and Allah even more. 
As a health professional it’s part of my job to ensure that my patients have the best quality of life we can possibly give them. Do you know what we do for patients who are bed bound? We provide carers who have to ensure that the patient is turned on their right and left every few hours to prevent pressure sores. Even we who are able to move ourselves, while we sleep we turn on our right and left to remain comfortable and prevent pressure areas. 
SubhanAllah it is only by the mercy of Allah that he ensured they turned regularly on their right and onto their left so they would not develop these pressure areas, which are so horrendously painful and can even cause a person to end up in hospital for months or even lead to their death. Especially as sleeping in a cave would have meant they slept on the hard floor making them even more susceptible to developing these pressure areas. 
I know this is just my reflection on the ayah but still for me it’s just amazing. Allah only tells us something if it is important and will benefit us, so this is clearly something that will benefit us, and today we actually use this to help many people. 

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