Al Mustafa – The Chosen One part7

One of the topics we discussed during the course was the battle of Badr and Uhud. I had heard these stories many times however this was the first time I had heard the discussion from this perspective. We didn’t focus on the actual events itself as most of us already knew this and it was in our resources but the focus was actually the lessons we can learn from the battles, and in learning these, they can give us the keys to success. We learnt twenty lessons for the keys to success and here they are:
1. Trust your fate and Allahs decision in your fate.
  • Solidify your relationship wit h Allah.
  • You put your effort in and then trust Allah.
  • Salat-Al-Istikharah – this is asking for Allahs divine help: you must first make a decision through proper research and then pray and ask Allah that if this is good make it happen and if it is bad for you then take you away from it.

2. Master the fundamentals – of salah, of ibadah, of the problem you’re in etc.

  • You need to know about everything you’re involved in.

3. Learn from the mistakes of others.
4. Practice Islam daily.

  • Practice makes perfect.

5. Do not let people influence your decision.
6. Gain knowledge – this is more important than ability and wealth.

  • There is nothing better than an increase in knowledge.
  • Knowledge is the criterion of justice and wisdom.
  • Allah didn’t command an increase in anything but u knowledge.
  • We also need to know how to apply it.

7. Respond to failure.

  • Don’t fear anyone but Allah.
  • Don’t ever give up hope.

8. Fear is an illusion, danger is real.

  • Don’t let your mind trick you into not trying.

9. Do the best you can and leave the rest to Allah.

  • Seek ihsan – always put your full effort in.

10. Recognise you need others help.

11. In life excellence speaks for itself.
12. Even when you are strong, make dua.

  • Even when Allah meets your needs, ask Allah to bless it.

13. If change is required then make a change.
14. Simple things matter most.

  • Don’t think any deed is insignificant.

15. Demand that other people give excellence too.

  • Mediocrity is not acceptable as a Muslim.
  • There is more than 100 Hadith that start with “the best of you…”
  • You display excellence and others will seek to model themselves like this.

16. Learn to use your emotions to push you to success.

  • Harness your emotions.

17. Love what you do.

  • Find something that makes you feel valued.

18. Forget the past.

19. Don’t try to control the future.

20.Invest in the present.

  • These last three are seen consistently in the life of the prophet (saw).
  • Don’t let your past keep you from success but at the same time don’t so meticulously plan your future and insist everything has to turn out a certain way. All you are required to do is work today, with the hope of obtaining success in the future.

I hope these are of benefit inshaAllah.   


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