Al Mustafa – The Chosen One part6

How do we know that we love the Prophet (saw)? It is not enough for us to just merely state this. So how can we truly know if we love the Prophet (saw)? There are many ways to show our love for the Prophet (saw). 
Your heart inclines to his deeds and decisions. 
Your heart accepts what he has told us to do.
The example of the prophet comes before the examples of others in your life.

  • Sometimes our culture, family etc are different from the sunnah and we have to learn the difference.
  • If culture leads dis too far from the prophetic model, this is a problem.

Your anger and emotions incline to what the prophet (saw) loved or hated.

  • We should express our emotions the way that the prophet (saw) would have.

Mention him (saw) abundantly.

  • It should be part of our life habit.

We should yearn to meet him.

We should show humility and deference to those who love the prophet (saw) and not rebel against those who love him (saw) more than us.

You love his household.

We seek to protect the prophet (saw) from those who don’t know him.

  • We are protective over him.

We use his guidance to guide others and seek to display his teachings.

You are merciful to his ummah.

You restrict yourself from things that may lead you away from his love.

  • There are things that the prophet (saw) hasn’t said that it is halal or haram but if we stay away from it then it can lead us closer to his love.

We should strive to do these to help us become closer to the prophet (saw). But we need to remember that we will be tested. Part of our love for him (saw) invites poverty. So we will be tested in different things; wealth, health, family etc. but the reward for our steadfastness and our love for him (saw) will be far greater than any test that is sent our way.  


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