Al Mustafa – The Chosen One part3

When the Prophet (saw) received revelation he was taken by surprise, this was obviously not something he (saw) had expected would happen to him. The angel jibreel came to him and told him to read.
The first ayahs revealed were:

Read. In the name of your Lord, who created.
Created man from a clinging substance.
Read. And your Lord is the Most Generous.
Who taught by the pen.
Taught man what he did not know.
Quran (96:1-5)

We can learn some important lessons from Allah choosing these ayahs to be revealed first. It shows that the essential element of our faith is knowledge. Knowledge is the key to salvation. These ayahs mention the pursuit of knowledge. How important must it be for us to always be trying to increase our knowledge?
When this was revealed to him (saw) he was left shocked and confused and the first person he(saw) went to was his wife, Khadijah. It was Khadijah that consoled him and knew that this was the truth. He (saw) didn’t feel as though he is worthy, but Allah knew that he was worthy. He (saw) had spiritual and intellectual humility.
The fact that he went to his wife and not his friends or other family members shows what an amazing relationship they had. He knew that his wife will be the one that will be able to calm him, she truly was the coolness of his eyes. Subhanallah.

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