Al Mustafa – The Chosen One part2

Attending a course while easy for the majority of us can be so difficult for others. One group of people who are barely given any opportunity to attend such courses are people with hearing difficulties. So Al Kauthar teamed up with an organisation called Al Isharah to provide an opportunity for those with hearing difficulties to attend. There was an interpreter there for them so that they could also learn and study like we can. 

And while I was sitting in the class and watching the interpreter I have never been more thankful for the blessings I have. To be able to hear clearly so I can attend whatever class I want. Not only that but I can attend jumuah wherever I live, watch Islamic classes online without difficulty, listen to the adhaan, things we often take for granted. For them it is completely different, there were students from all over the country who attended because they had the interpreter facilities. I hope these facilities are able to spread and increase as I could see just how much they want and need it.
One of the things that was just amazing was that we also were taught how to sign Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. This was such a unique experience and it’s just so amazing to know as its one way to connect with my brothers and sisters who have difficulty hearing. We are connected through sending blessings upon our prophet, while attending a course about the Prophet (saw) no less! Just how amazing is that! SubhanAllah.

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