Read! In the name of your Lord, who has created (all that exists) 
Quran (96:1)

“Iqra” the first word revealed by Allah to our Prophet (saw). Read, how important can this word be if it’s the first word chosen in the whole Quran to be revealed? I don’t think we appreciate how important it is for us to read, to study, to learn. A man who could not read or write was given the command to read. Not worship me, or go into sujood but to read! 

If we do not read and understand and learn then how can we follow the commands of Allah? How can we truly worship Allah correctly? 
The more you learn the more your worship improves. I know this is true for myself, the more I study Islam, attend classes and read books I feel a stronger connection to Allah. But it’s not only Islamic knowledge we should increase in, we live in this world so we do need knowledge of this world too. Studying so we can live decent lives and get good jobs to provide for our families. And an education doesn’t only mean you have a degree but also studying should also include us learning to have good etiquettes and manners, we should learn how we should be with others , in different situations. We should learn how to live in harmony with our spouse and how to raise our children. There’s so many things for us to learn. My mum always told me growing up that there is no use of a degree if you cannot even maintain good relations and have good etiquettes and manners. My mum ensured we learnt both Islamic and academic knowledge yet also how to actually live a good life too. She also instilled in me and all my sisters the love for reading and studying. Even though I have finished my degree, I still love to study and take every opportunity I can to attend classes to further me in both Islamic and academic knowledge. I will always be thankful for my parents taking us to the library and not only encouraging us to study but to love studying.
During my studies my mum taught me a dua to read to help us, 

“My Lord increase me in knowledge”
Quran 20:114

Although while I was young I read it, asking Allah to help me but looking at this dua, it is such an amazing dua. It is short and easy to learn and it doesn’t just say to make it easy for you learn but it is a dua asking Allah to give us more knowledge. Not just help us to memorise things for an exam but to give us more understanding of what we are studying. SubhanAllah. It is one of the few things that Allah commands us to increase it. That alone should give us an indication of the importance of studying. Looking through Islamic history you can see that while the ummah studied they increased in all areas, from Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, to physics, astronomy, math, biology and much more. They made groundbreaking discoveries in the dunya and were careful to adhere to the commands of Allah. If they could do it then so can we inshaAllah.
And lastly I think it’s so important for us to study because one day we will have our own families and how can we teach our children, the future of the ummah, if we ourselves have not learnt and studied these things before? 


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